No job offer after more than 40 interviews

I am a graduate from a top-ranked European master in finance program with previous work XP at a midcap PE firm and a midcap IB boutique. I have been looking for a job for more than 9 months now.
I've gone through 41 interview processes for full time analyst positions at banks, m&a boutiques, PE firms, Corpdev teams and financial advisory firms in France. I received no offer.
Here's the feedback I've heard :
-"you answered well to all the technical questions but you didn't smile enough".
-"you didn't sound outgoing enough. We weren't sure you could integrate well in our small team"
- "we are looking for fun, joyous people"
-"you seemed motivated but you didn't spoke in a structured enough manner".
-"we spoke for 40min now and we still haven't broke the ice. I am not sure I could work with someone like you"
-"you didn't develop your answers enough"

  • During the interview: "It is difficult to trust a recent graduate like you"
  • For a job in another city and after 2 interviews: "you have a good academic background and relevant previous work experience, but we prefer to hire someone who has roots in the area"
  • For a video call: "you didn't create a connection with the interviewer"

Some other companies have just ghosted me.
What is wrong? what should I do?


Honestly, I am impressed you had this many interviews in the current climate. And I am even more impressed that they gave you specific feedback, companies normally avoid this because they might be opening the door for potential litigation.

From what you wrote above, I think some people seem to have a hard time connecting with you as a person, not as a professional. The smile comment is relevant as a warm, honest smile is how other people instinctively build trust. It could be a joke, something funny you said, how you said it, or simply part of your character. Finance is a relationship based industry and it is relevant that others (clients, colleagues, management, ..) can build trust with you quickly and efficiently.

Having said all of this, I have never worked in France before. So maybe there are other, cultural elements which I don't know of.

Best of luck.


Bro, it is obvious. Try to connect more. Smile, ask them questions (about their private life), try to find common ground. It’s not that hard. You can have the best CV, but if you’re a weirdo, nobody will give you an offer.


Bro, it is obvious. Try to connect more. Smile, ask them questions (about their private life), try to find common ground. It's not that hard. You can have the best CV, but if you're a weirdo, nobody will give you an offer.

"and how are your 3 children, one of whom is a lesbian?"

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I'm sorry to hear this man. It sucks but everyone else like me is impressed you got those interviews in this climate so you're 85% of the way there.

That being said maybe you need to loosen up or seem more genuinely interested in the people you chat with? It's not fair but I think especially for early/middle career established roles interviewers remember if you're funny/genuine, can make them feel at ease,  or can turn things into a personal conversation (without being weird) rather than staying strictly "Strictly Business". There's certainly been many younger guys who underperformed in a pitch but still got the job because they were honest about their weaknesses but very reassuring and personable about why and why they like the prospective job. 

Do research before hand if you know who you're chatting with. Where did they go to school? What might their favorite sports/teams be based on their background? Also, look off LinkedIn too see if they were an eagle scout as an example or something that shows you spent more than 30 seconds on them and its not just "1/40" interviews. If you can get them talking about themselves just a little bit more or have them feel excited it should be way more important than a simple "can he do the job" qualifier. The thing is between your degree and past experience they should assume you have an intermediate level of hard skills and knowledge. I believe if you have the requirements and they like you after something like that, they might even start selling you on themselves and talk "if we get you in here" type stuff. Good luck dude you're gonna make it.


If you are applying to London FT, your experience is average. Try and go for Off-Cycles that are convertible 


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