Non-EU student MFin in the UK or France?

Hey Monkeys,

I'm native in French but hold an Asian passport. I'm not sure how difficult it will be for me to find work in the UK or France since I do not have EU citizenship.

I graduated from a UK non-target last year and I'm preparing to apply for a MSc Finance next year. I'm planning to apply for the MFin at UCL, Warwick, ESSEC, and ESCP. I'd like to get into IB but I'm not an IBor bust type of guy, wouldn't mind too much working in a different sector. Here is the thing though:

According to what I've read on multiple other posts (especially Pan European Monkey's "European Masters Rankings"), ESSEC and ESCP have the edge over Warwick, which is only a target for European students with solid work experience. Meanwhile, UCL is not even listed as a target. I'm not sure how the whole "study in top French B-School and apply for London" process works, especially if I'm not a EU citizen, and I read that ESSEC graduates may find it "relatively" more difficult to find work in London (wouldn't mind working in France though). The thing with France is that, I've read from other posts that if you're not French or don't speak French fluently, you won't find a job there. Thing is, I am a native speaker but I have foreign citizenship, will I be fine if I choose to go study in France and try to find a job there?

Some additional questions:

• If I don't get an offer from ESSEC and ESCP, I'm confident I can get one from EMLyon or EDHEC. Would any of these 2 be a better choice than UCL/Warwick in my case?

• Would it be a stupid choice to study in the UK and apply for roles in France?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

  • If you speak French fluently, it should be fine to work here, most banks usually provide sponsorship (for the « titre de séjour »)
  • I would advise EML and EDHEC over British Uni (except if it is LBS or LSE) because banks in France usually prefer students from French B-Schools (they are better known)

Thanks for your reply!

It looks like you are implying that my goal is just to work in France, but I'm also considering the UK. To me, it is a matter of whichever place gives me my best chance.

Would EML and EDHEC (PGE) give me a better shot in France than Warwick and UCL in the UK?

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In my humble opinion, a MiM or MSc in Finance from France enable you to work both in France and in the UK. I haven't seen much people who went to UK Uni only and are working in France.First option could be doing a MiM in France to work in the UK or in France.Another more common possibility would be completing a degree in the UK that you can complete with a MSc in Finance from a Top 5 French B-School.

I think the odds are similiar for EML / EDHEC in France or Warwick / UCL in the UK.


if your applying in france business school in France is better and you will have a better shot with ESSEC, ESCP or EDHEC on your Resume


Thanks for the advice!

So, as I understand it French B-Schools (incl. EDHEC/EMLyon) will give me more/better(?) opportunities than UCL and Warwick if I apply for roles in both France and the UK?


in France 100% its still a system where they ask which Grand ecole you went too, to quote my friends dad who is in his 60s ' I wish tried harder during preparatory to get into HEC because  saying the  name  of my B-school everytime i introduce myself is depressing' and in London french schools do well too to place specifically EDHEC, ECSP, ESSEC, HEC 


You'll be fine with UK BA and MFin/MiM at ESCP. I did both my BA and first MA in the UK (major 100% unrelated to finance or business) and I am currently doing a second master's at ESCP with a specialisation in Investment Banking. Got interviews at 3 BB (GS included) in either Paris or London and some converted to internship offers as well


Thanks for the reply!

Just wondering if your studies were at a target university before going to ESCP and if you're a EU citizen? I'm actually more worried about finding work in the UK/France as a non-EU citizen.


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