NYC sucks - need advice

What would you do if you were in my shoes? 

Recruited last spring to be a SA at a BB here in NYC this summer. Ended up being incredibly fortunate and landed myself in a great group. My group has solid WLB, comp is in line with street, and culture in my team is awesome, especially given how big it is. I had a positive mid-summer review, and am on track to receive the FT. It's a dreamy scenario for anyone that likes it here.

But, I hate NYC.

I had never spent much time here, and grew up in the south. I've always loved nature, playing golf, and getting outside. NYC is just not my vibe. Going out to bars / clubs was fun the first couple weekends, but spending ridiculous amounts on alcohol and waking up hungover in a shitbox dorm room surrounded by buildings and no grass made me realize that doing this FT would suck. I've loved my internship experience, and want to stay in banking or something tangentially related (Ex: corp. banking).

My concern is that if I take a leap of fate to get to another city more desirable (Charlotte / Denver / Miami) where I can get outdoors more is I end up in a disastrous spot job wise. I could end up in a sweatshop, around people I don't like at all, and find that I should've just stayed put in NY. If I could create my own utopia it would be somewhere that I like being geographically and WLB / Comp is solid, doesn't have to be nuts. (That's why I am open to entertaining ideas of CB or anything else) Aware that I sound like an entitled piece of shit who many would think I should suck it up and stay put, but wanted to get this out there.

Really need some advice, ideas, and perspective from anywhere that has shared experiences remotely similar.


Totally agree with you.  It might be weird since you are single but if you like the team and the comp, maybe consider renting an apartment in westchester County or something (or Stamford area). Even hoboken will be better. There's some cool apartments in Tarrytown by the train station for example.  Easy commute to city, have space to park a car, nearby tons of golf courses and trails(Rockefeller state park is a gem).   Sure all the other analysts might think you are weird for not living in a chitty walk-up in East village but phuck what they think.   I hate nyc too and it's so nice to take the train and leave it everyday.  Working there is fine...but not living there.

As for girls, if you are a chad it won't matter.  Don't listen to the "no girl will date a guy in nj".  Not true at all.


Agreed just gave similar advice. OP you hit the lottery. Don’t let this overrated and vapid Trustfund kid Disneyland get to you. 


I’m going to give you some mind blowing advice……… outside of Manhattan. I prefer Jersey City near the mall, Hoboken, or West New York. South Orange NJ is also nice. I grew up here on the East Coast and came back to work in NYC at an older age so I can care less about being in Manhattan. 


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