Serious question: quitting internship due to health reasons

I'm at my wits end.Ive received an offer for a 2023 BB IB internship last year, but things have changed significantly since then.My health is in shambles, and I'm worried that I can't even complete the internship.I already passed the background check and everything, and my internship is projected to start soon (June ish) I've read from previous posts that it looks awful and will burn bridges if you quit the middle of the internship.What would you do if you are me? I'm seriously fucked.

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Your personal health and wellbeing comes first. If that means having to renege / quit, then it is what it is.  That being said, without knowing anything beyond what you've posted, if this is a condition that would require missing time for treatment, doctors appointments, etc., then perhaps it's worth a quick conversation with HR to see if there are some accommodations they can provide per ADA (assuming you're in the US).  

FWIW, I don't think anybody would view it as "burning bridges" if it's for a legitimate medical reason.  And if they do, those are clearly not people you'd want to work with anyway.  Good luck.  

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