Too late to apply for 2023 S&T SA internships?

Hi, I am a target school student with a 3.9+ GPA and a non-business major.  Unironically I've been trading since 6th grade and learned how to do basic DCFs and valuation in high school.  Loved it but gave up following the markets in college at the expense of work and learning new shit.  Now realizing late that I want to do S&T instead of being pushed into really shitty jobs that require more writing and don't pay as well (law, consulting, academia).

I have a great GPA, major, classwork, club experience, and some internship experience, but still haven't found an internship yet for 2022.  Some questions that I'm hoping someone can help answer:

  • Is it too late to apply for 2023 S&T SA positions?  I already know people (girls, not sure if this makes a difference) who've gotten these positions from my exact degree program already. 
  • How does networking work?  I am not a business school student and didn't go to any of these recruiting events.  Do I need a referral or a really good relationship with the recruiter to get a first-round interview at BBs?
  • Is it practically necessary for me to have a Summer 2022 internship on my resume when applying for S&T positions?  I think I'll end up working in DC where the position will be something like Macro Research/Macro Advisory, which IMO would be more relevant to trading than a lot of summer finance internship experiences.
  • Do you have any advice?

Thank you for the help and please don't shit on me for going to a target school and not knowing this stuff :)

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Apr 21, 2022 - 3:11am
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