Where to go from here - Undergrad at Ohio University

Hey all, first time poster here. I'm an undergrad at Ohio University, a double major in Economics and Philosophy. I recently picked up the econ major after I decided law school might not be for me, so I have a relevant degree to help make me more hirable. I'm going into my senior year right now, although I will be a 5th year.

A little background on my college career - I came in as a music production major, and saw no money or job prospects in it so sophomore year I switched to philosophy with law school hopes. Before I made this switch, I had little academic motivation and had a GPA of like a 2.3 after freshman year. I'm now up to around a 2.9 and haven't gotten below a 3.0 since I first switched.

I have started to rethink law school more and more, and have looked into financial careers as an alternative. Financial analysis interests me, as I think my analytical background in philosophy coupled with the numerical skills necessary for economics is a really good combination for this job. However, my previous lackluster academic performance puts a ceiling on my GPA potential. I am very confident I can get it to a 3.0 before the end of my 4th year, but with only one year after that it will be hard to raise.

I guess my question would be is financial analysis a legitimate career option? Or are most of these jobs highly selective? Also, what are some possible internship options to pursue? Most of the financial analyst internships I have seen are for MBA students. Honestly I'm open to any kind of advice any of you may have, I'm just looking for some general guidance as to where to get started when it comes to internships and putting myself in position for a successful career.

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Jul 24, 2012 - 1:55pm
SirBarney, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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