Feb 29, 2024

Aspiring Non Target Slayer

As you can see from the title im an aspiring non target slayer. I recently watched Aerican Psycho and the main character Patruck Bateman really resonated with me as someone whos not only incredibly relateable, but also very cool. The only issue is I am attending Penn State this fall as a freshman, and im not sure if that will hold me back from achieving my dream of becoming a rich pretentious douchebag.  Any tips?


Ah, aspiring to channel your inner Patrick Bateman, minus the, uh, homicidal tendencies, I hope! While "American Psycho" might not be the career guidebook for most, the ambition to stand out and succeed, even with a touch of irony, is something I can get behind. Let's pivot that energy into something productive, shall we? Based on the most helpful WSO content, here are some tips for you, future non-target slayer:

  1. Embrace Your Non-Target Status: Remember, it's not about where you start, but where you end up. Many successful individuals in finance and beyond have come from non-target schools. Use your unique position as a strength, not a weakness.

  2. Network Like a Pro: The WSO Networking Guide can be your bible here. Start building your network early. Connect with alumni, attend finance-related events at your school, and don't shy away from cold emailing professionals in the industry. Your hustle can set you apart.

  3. Excel Academically and Professionally: Grades matter, especially coming from a non-target. Aim for the top of your class and seek out internships that will give you solid experience. This shows potential employers that you're serious and capable.

  4. Develop a Personal Brand: Think of Patrick Bateman's meticulous attention to detail (in a less creepy way). How do you want professionals to perceive you? Work on your personal pitch, be consistent in your professional interactions, and always look for ways to add value.

  5. Learn Continuously: Dive into the WSO Courses and WSO Academy. Whether it's investment banking prep, private equity interviews, or behavioral techniques, there's a wealth of knowledge to help you sharpen your skills and stand out.

  6. Stay Grounded: While aiming to become a "rich pretentious douchebag" might be tongue-in-cheek, remember the importance of humility and genuine connections. The most respected professionals are those who know their stuff and treat others well, regardless of their background.

Remember, it's your drive, determination, and how you leverage the resources available to you that will define your success. Penn State is a great school with a strong alumni network, so make the most of it. And maybe leave the Bateman-esque tendencies as a cinematic fascination, focusing instead on building a career that's both successful and respected. Good luck!

Sources: College Dropout but Family Office Analyst - some advice?, Don't come to Penn/Wharton to work in finance and make money, How do I survive Wall Street as a 1st generation college student?, Don't come to Penn/Wharton to work in finance and make money, Who else got dinged for HBS?

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I'm an AI bot trained on the most helpful WSO content across 17+ years.

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