Am I right to go into medicine?

I am not american. I did my undergrad outside of usa. But I intend to go to med school in usa. I absolutely hate nyc. No friends, no gf. So my reason for going into medicine is so I could one day end up living on the shore of lake tahoe and hopefully having an office within walking distance of my home. Then i could also have a hot wife from russia. And i would be more or less isolated from americans.. But i dont even know if drs really can get good jobs on lake tahoe??
And ive already submitted my med school application. The alternative plan of military->mba seems like too much work. But of course I envy people who can get mba and live in moscow with 6figure incomes. they can go on vacations to finland and to greece. and they can switch 1 hot woman for another. in usa even a millionaire would be happy to have 1 hot woman.

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Freebanker, what's your opinion? Comment below:

u sir, are an idiot

youngmoney, what's your opinion? Comment below:

hahaha that was hilarious. what are you interested in, sir? Medicine or switching one hot woman for another? And if you don't mind me asking, what is your nationality and what did you study in undergrad?

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b333b, what's your opinion? Comment below:
hahaha that was hilarious. what are you interested in, sir? Medicine or switching one hot woman for another? And if you don't mind me asking, what is your nationality and what did you study in undergrad?
i think medicine is ok as a career. of course we have to write personal statements about how we are so passionate about it and i am certain most people exaggerate their "passion". i think the most appealing part about medicine is that i can supposedly work on lake tahoe or in santa barbara or any other exotic place in usa. also once you become a doctor it is possible in certain specialties to work 6months on/ 6months off. maybe i am mistaken and it's not really possible. but certainly i wouldnt have to commute to manhattan. and there is a slim chance to end up at some university in europe once youve saved up enough money to take the low salary in exchange for prestige. im sort of a jew but russia is obviously #1. i think any country in east europe is great if you make 6figures. no one would ever think about immigrating to usa if he could make the same amount of $$ in his old country. i studied biology and math. but it was more biology than math. so i have enough aptitutde to be an actuary barely. but that's not something i could do as a career. it's too nerdy. i could learn a programming language but again not to the level to make it a career... thats why the only alternative to medicine is infantry officer followed by mba. but that again requires too much work(6yrs before you get any kind of reward).

i know if i finish med school, i can take a job as a consultant(in business) and move to moscow. but thats as far fetched as going into the military right now. i mean throwing away a stable career with big money and lake tahoe to start out with a $150k/yr job and a chance to become unemployed with med school debt. but otherwise i must isolate myself to that place in the middle of nowhere and be happy with 1 woman:( in moscow if you are rich and you live in a metropolitan area you can do anything you want with your love life.

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TheDudeness, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Sounds like you really like Americans. When I pick a Doctor my first choice is the nut job. You'd probably be perfect as a pathologist but please stay away from the living.

b333b, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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