How is Financial Software Development different from Application Software Development

I recently went to Bloomberg's career site to see what kind of job's do they have for Software Developers, I saw that they list their Software Development Jobs under the title Financial Software Developer. How is traditional/Application Software Development different from Financial Software Development?

I'm interested in working for financial institutions once I finish my Masters Degree in Software Engineering, what do they look for in Software Developers. I have 1.5 years of experience in my field and I'm doing my masters now, but it's not from one of the target universities. Do they consider students from other universities.

What should I do which would make a difference for me?


Best Response

I've been employed at Bloomberg as a Financial Software Developer Intern. It was a great experience; Bloomberg seems like a very good company to work for, and the 731 Lex building is amazing. In the case of financial software development at Bloomberg, my impression is that it is fairly similar to a traditional software development role, but with a product aimed towards financial professionals. There are a fair amount of programmers hired by Bloomberg who are not particularly interested in finance, and they tend to self-select roles more removed from finance (e.g. more backend stuff). But there are a lot of people (such as me) who go into Bloomberg with interest both in finance and in software development, and they tend to self-select development on products that are directly financial. Bloomberg also offers a nice selection of free classes on financial markets to its programmers.

From what I understand, they do take seriously job applications made online. However, I got my internship from via a career fair, because they target my school pretty heavily.

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