Which country should I choose: US or Switzerland


I am a European who has the opportunity to start a career in the US or Switzerland. Which of these countries is more attractive in terms of WLB, salaries throughout your career and maximizing your wealth in the long term? I plan to work in IB for 3 years and then move to PE/HF.

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Wealth creation and salary will definitely be higher in the US, especially in NY. As well as opportunity - there are a limited number of PE/HF in Switzerland but a truly immense number in NY.

Switzerland definitely wins out on quality of life and WLB though. Lower taxes and probably lower COL, but I still think you will come out way ahead on overall net worth in the US.

I'd propose a hybrid - get yourself started in NY, do ~5-10 years there and then move back to Switzerland (or elsewhere in the EU) once you have built a nice nest egg and career.


Ah, the classic crossroads, my friend! Both the US and Switzerland have their own unique advantages when it comes to a career in Investment Banking (IB) and later transitioning to Private Equity (PE) or Hedge Funds (HF).

In the US, you might find: - Higher salaries, especially in cities like New York. - A larger job market with more opportunities in IB, PE, and HF. - However, the work-life balance can be quite intense, especially in IB.

On the other hand, in Switzerland: - The work-life balance is generally better. - Salaries are high and the cost of living can be lower if you live outside of the main cities. - The job market is smaller, but there are still opportunities in IB and PE/HF.

In the end, it's a personal decision based on what you value most. If maximizing wealth and having a wide range of job opportunities is your goal, the US might be the way to go. If a better work-life balance is what you're after, then Switzerland could be a great choice.

Remember, the grass is always greener where you water it. So, wherever you choose to go, make sure to give it your all!

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