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I want to share an experience I just had on my third week of being a first year analyst in RE AM. To give a little background, I work in a second tier east coast market (Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, DC etc) working at a large AM firm. The dress code here is very business professional, as in casual Friday is tie with no jacket. So this morning I'm in the elevator with a first year analyst, a VP known to have a short fuse and we are all going up. When we finally get to our floor, the VP turns to the analyst and says "Mike, is there a cookout that I don't know about? Why the f***k are you wearing khakis?" Trying not to die laughing, I went to my desk holding it back with everything I had.

My question to you guys is, what is the dress code for other sectors of RE? I know my company is very formal, but what are dress codes like in your shops?


You're a first year analyst. Would you be the one making that decision anyhow? Chances are your boss will tell you who you do business with, just like chances are that the developers dress up a bit more when it comes to important meetings.

As I said above, my company is mainly button down and slacks or golf shirt and polo, so it's a bit more than shorts and flops, but I also know developers who look like Cali skaters. Blonde hair down to their shoulders, beard, skinny jeans, "fashionable" short sleeve button downs, forearm tats, etc. One in particular is absurdly successful and intelligent regardless of his appearance, so it would be financially irresponsible not to deal with him because he doesn't have a suit, tie, and a pinkie ring.

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Its hard to tell in NYC. RE cuts through so many comunities. Its a bit crazy to see. In my firm people show up from everything from shorts and a t-shirt to custom made suits. The guy in the t-shirt was making more money then the guy in the custom made suits. An extremely big developer I know wears yeezys,shorts,a few gold chains and a massive gold watch (looked like a kingpin). Most RE people dont care.

Don Johnson:
Just a thought... What do these highly successful people that wear shorts to the office, wear when they go to a club or high profile event? Dressing down for work and dressing up afterwards?

Why is that so weird to you? Again, I don't go as far as to wear shorts to work, but for a high profile event I put on a suit or a tux and I don't go "to a club" because I'm not Pitbull. If I go to a bar after work I'm wearing the same business casual I wear to work and if I'm going to a bar some other time I'm either wearing shorts and a shirt or pants and a short depending on the time of year.

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