Raising a Fund Vs. Individual Offering

Hello people. Need some advice. So after years of working. I plan to try and go out on my own. My goal is to acquire healthcare real estate. I have my GP equity set aside and a sizeable marketing budget (I'll be doing publicly marketed offerings). I have a dilemma here though. I'm having some struggle trying to do an individual RE offering because I would have to go under contract first and hope I can raise the equity in time.

However, another thought I had was to do a fund under 506C. I would set clear criteria in the PPM. This way I at least know I have the funds ready to go, which I can place quickly given my pipeline.

I guess my question is, is it more difficult to raise under a fund than an individual offering? I feel like investors, especially those with limited knowledge, prefer to know the exact asset they will be investing in. Im prepared to spend around $50K in marketing to raise approximately $6m-$7m. I'll be contributing 10% of the equity stack stack.

Essentially this would be a blind fund but with very clear criteria on region, property types, etc.

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Put yourself in the shoes of an equity investor.

Why are they giving you money, versus someone else?  For how long do you expect to tie up their funds?  Sure, you're placing funds "quickly" but are you going to be better than the dozens of competitors out there with more track record?  How do I know you aren't just interested in feeing me to death?

With a specific deal you can alleviate a lot of these concerns.  You have the equity to put down a deposit, so there isn't an issue there.  What you really want is to shift as much risk away from yourself and onto your LPs are you possibly can - which is sensible, but also a really difficult needle to thread when you don't have a track record to point to.  The reason RE developers/sponsors get paid is because they take risk; the more you attempt to pass that risk on to others, the less you should expect to be paid.

Your fees and promote need to be balanced or else you will appear to lack incentive and some people might perceive there being something wrong with the deal. All else being equal, if I see a one-pager for a deal that’s mid-teens returns with market rate fees vs one without any incentive or fees, then I’m going to automatically assume the no fee deal is too thin. Starting a first-time fund these days is extremely tricky, I would stick to some syndications and bring fees and promote inline with market for the risk profile you are pursuing.


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