Destroy my CV/resume, applying for spring weeks UK

Would appreciate any advice about how to improve my content/phrasing. I know the formatting/length is a bit off at the moment but just trying to improve content right now. I applied for Spring weeks this year and did not get any (content of the CV I used to apply is similar to this draft one) so am trying to update my CV so I can get some next year. Please be brutally honest.

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Why are people so obsessed with aggressive language for CV reviews😂

The weirdest is r*pe

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MSc without Bsc?

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You asked.

1. WSO template

2. This should be one page, there is no reason it can't be.

3. Summarise your GCSEs. Too wordy, just gimme the info as simply as possible. Don't need to tell me individual subjects.

4. Society roles are not work experience. If you're worried about ordering then create a separate section for extracurriculars and put it on top of work experience.

5. Every bullet point you write I find myself asking some form of "such as?" "How?" "Using what?". Basically your points lack detail and they're surprisingly lengthy for the amount of detail they lack. You manage a portfolio? How? How do you pick your stocks? What has the performance been? What exactly is your role and how are you doing it? Telling me you manage a portfolio is useless. If you click buttons on a keyboard like a monkey you can "manage a portfolio", doesn't mean you have a clue what you're doing. Extrapolate this logic to the rest of your bullet points and make them punchier. "Manage a virtual portfolio that trades strictly in equities" could easily be "manage a virtual equities portfolio". Again, extrapolate. Your bullets, where possible, should be: what you did, how you did it, and what it achieved. Starting with a strong verb. Including numbers wherever possible to add authenticity. This applies to your actual work experience too. No bullets about the skills you developed. SHOW ME THE SKILLS YOU DEVELOPED.

For what it's worth though I've absolutely seen worse CVs than this get interviews for springs so it probably wasn't your CV but some other element of your application.

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 I've absolutely seen worse CVs than this get interviews for springs so it probably wasn't your CV but some other element of your application.

Just curious, I imagine springs are tightly competitive with high inexperienced 2nd-years outnumbering spots 1000–1. How come bad CVs see the light of day?

mo.golala, what's your opinion? Comment below:

AmplifyMe is such a scam, I cringe so much whenever I see someone bragging about it on their CV. Take it off.

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