Special Assets or Product Management for Resume Boost?

I am looking at an MBA. And, I'm entertaining the decisions below.

For perspective I'm at a $30-$50 Billion in Total Assets bank.

  1. Special Assets - > Special Assets at big bank -> Distressed Credit w/o Grad School
    1. If I go to grad school I'm not sure a role in special assets would help boost my app since these roles are super structured at established banks and I don't see anything interesting, or the potential for a meaningful letter of rec.
    2. Down this path I'll never get a taste of path 2 below.
  2. Operations/Project Management type role
    1. This role will allow me to flex my individuality and ability to get stuff done. I feel like there is more to it and more potential for a meaningful letter of rec. These roles make me really excited. I saw a strategy based one at a bank and thought it was cool, though to be fair upper finance jobs seem pretty cool too, and not just because of the money.
    2. It can help determine if I want to pursue consulting long term or if I want to stay in finance post MBA

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