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Over the last few weeks I have been reading through this forum, and it seems there are some knowledgeable people in the wealth mgmt profession.  My hope is you can offer some guidance!  

I changed careers a couple of years back.

I transitioned to retail banking, was promoted to working with business clients after a year, and at the beginning of this year I moved to a branch that focuses mostly on retirement planning and investments.

At this location I am a private banker, they sponsored me for my 6 and 63.  I am not making any recommendations in this role, but I am taking clients through the discovery conversation, taking care of banking/ lending needs, and working with advisors to that I refer clients to.  Basically, I feel like at this point, the licensing part looks good for the brand, since I will not book my own business in this role.  

I know my employer sees this as a route to an advisor position.  The colleague I replaced went on to cover a retail branch. 

My question for you is, do you see this as a logical career path?? I have only been in banking for a couple of years, but feel like it's been the right call so far.  I feel like the brick and mortar business is changing quickly and not sure if there will always be a solid referral stream from branches.  

Second question, do you think it would make sense to find a team to join, and eventually build my own book by going that route?  I have a contact with ML that has offered to connect me with teams in my area that may be able to find me a "good" team. I don't love the sound of their Financial Advisor Development Program- sounds like I'd very much be swimming upstream. I don't necessarily have a lucrative network of friends/family. 

If there is anything else that anyone can recommend that might make me a better professional or position me better I am all ears!!

Thanks in advance, I sincerely appreciate any insight.  

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