1 month away from a huge decision. Push for IB/Valuation or go with the safe secured FLDP position? Any advice?

I am a senior at a non-target school in the tri-state area and will graduate with a 3.3-3.5GPA. I completed a finance internship last summer at one of the top 3 health insurance companies and secured a position as a analyst in their Finance Leadership Program that starts this June. I will be graduating in May. I will need to move to work at the HQ so this will be a major decision for me.

My ideal career would include a start in IB or Valuation. I know that most major banks (if not all) are all done recruiting and assigning spots for this upcoming summer and they would rarely even consider a senior. I know smaller banks are still offering internships.

Is it too late for me to push for IB? Would I be better off pushing for IB/Val in the city or just going into the health insurance fldp program. I know some people have given up full-time job offers to pursue an internship and it has paid off. The thing is I do not even have an internship secured.

I would greatly appreciate any experienced advice. I am very undecided and unsure of what move will be best.

Thank you

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Apr 5, 2018