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I went through the hirevue interview process in early March with Goldman Sachs in Dallas and my status is currently at "interview" a month later.  I know other applicants went through this so its nothing new.  

I just graduated in finance in December and I have been searching for a job ever since then. It's been a long 4 months and I am just ready to move out of my town and leave my current sales job. 

So my question is this, does GS look for recent college grads for this opportunity?  I have no experience in financial services, just 6 years sales experience with BMW, so I would need a lot of training and self study time.  It seems like the only jobs I get interviews with are sales positions like insurance.  Should I sit around and wait for GS or just move and take an insurance job?  It seems crazy to me that I've been applying for almost half a year with no luck and I'm close to just making a move and taking whatever I can get.

GS would obviously be the dream, but I'm not sure that I would be seriously considered due to my lack of experience.  I found this opportunity on handshake and I also use Linkedin and indeed.

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