Hey guys,

So I got this question during one of my first rounds with a BB.

The situation was like this:
Suppose you are a SA in the BB. On Tuesday you are given a pitch book to be completed next Monday. And two days later you receive another project to work on. That project is also due next Monday.

The question was "how would you handle those two tasks?"

My interviewer suggested that both tasks are top priorities and are given by different MDs. So there's no way to refuse IMO.

I answered that I would be reaching out for help from other SAs/analysts but the interviewer seemed dissatisfied. He demanded more answers.

I asked one of my friends in banking. He said:"Your answer is correct. Another option would be busting your ass and pushing your limit. Could not think of any other ways."

Are these the only ways then?

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Open up communication with both teams in order to manage expectations.

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1. This is a behavioral question.
2. Assuming that you couldn't actually complete the assignments in the alloted time, how about something like this? You ask a couple of questions in such a way that he is forced to come up with a solution that you want and he thinks is his idea.

You: "Winning business is the most important thing to me and my role in that is to ensure that our books are accurate, easy to digest, and [insert whatever bullshit that bankers care about here]. Do you agree?"

Him: "Yes, of course."

You: "Ok, great. Can I ask your advice on something?"

Him: "Go ahead."

You: "The other MD assigned me another deal that he feels is equally important to this one. Both are due at the same time and I feel like your book will take about 120 hours to complete to the level you need it and there are only 124 hours left until the pitch. What's the best way to resolve this"


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