Advice needed!! Incoming intern - not a finance major

Hi all,
Recently I was offered and accepted a summer 2020 intern position at JP Morgan which I am honestly unqualified for. I'm not from a target school, not a finance major (or even a business major), and am only now in my first finance class. I prepared like crazy for my interviews and basically just self taught myself some of the basic technical questions, and matched with my GPA (3.8) is probably how I pulled this off. Obviously I'm super excited I got the offer but I'm looking for advice on what to start teaching myself/whats useful to know by June. I basically have zero experience so anything helps. Thanks

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Oct 17, 2019 - 9:48pm

I echo what the above poster said about reading WSJ/FT to get a sense of what's going on and a better understanding of why certain things happen.

Don't undersell yourself. The fact that you were able to land the role while having absolutely no finance background says a lot about you.

I just want to add that landing a FT offer is often times much more than just your technical knowledge in finance. Things like confidence, work ethic, attitude and willingness to get better each day can take you a long way. Those are things that, in my opinion, are harder to nail than just plain finance knowledge (which is very learnable).

You'll be fine. Good luck.

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