Advice on how to do a career switch

Hi everyone, 

I've recently started working at a local (SEA country not in SG) Big4 firm. It's been about a few months since I've started and now I have been thinking about my future career switch so I want to start planning and preparing myself for the switch in maybe 1 or 1.5 years' time. 

For context, due to the current pandemic, I accepted a role as a risk & advisory consultant at the Big 4. My job scope includes credit risk modeling where it is crunching and using it to develop credit risk models that comply with current standards and financial services consulting where we advise clients on the types of financial services they can integrate into their current company. 

My main interest lies within mergers & acquisitions and I've done an internship in M&A as well and planned to switch it to a full-time career but it was during the peak of the pandemic and my visa expired (I interned in Singapore). I would like to be able to get into an IB M&A or a Management Consulting M&A strategy department in the future. 

Another point is that I would like to migrate to Singapore, within my next career switch (1-2 years). 

Any advice for killing two birds with one stone in this context? (migrating to SG and switching to M&A) 

The short-term goal now is to migrate to Singapore but M&A is my end goal and I would consider sacrificing the Singapore goal if it meant that I can achieve my ideal career even locally.

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