Advice on post superday fit interview

Hi all,

I have gone through multiple rounds and completed a superday for an associate IB role.  In my superday, I had good feedback like a VP saying he believed in me and was going to go to bat for me. I have been invited for another follow-up interview, which is presented as a casual fit interview with one associate at the bank. I wanted to ask for the advice of others regarding how these post-superday interviews play out and how should I prepare for it. Do I prepare for the classic fit questions? Do I prepare for what would be more like some sort of a fraternity rush style "is he cool / does he pull" test?

I am at a stage in the interview where I am excited, but also nervous because I can tell I am getting close and the interview is starting to get off the beaten/scripted path. Not sure if this stage is all about personal connection, background questions, or some way to keep me in the loop to allow another pool of candidates to get aggregated up for a later director / MD decision.

Where am I at in the process?

Thank You,

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