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I'm currently working at an African investment bank, but am looking to make a move to Europe/States. Does anyone have any advice on how I could go about doing so? I've done internships in banking, Asset Management as well as a number of other extra curricular "finance related" things, so my CV is pretty good. I didn't go to an ivy league university, but did finish top of my class in some courses at my university (out of 300-400 students).

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What country? I think applying to top US MBA programs to enter an investment banking associate program would be one of the easiest routes. Doing a lateral hire to a US bank when you're fully across the world would be quite difficult I imagine.

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South Africa. I'm a 1st year analyst. I don't have close to $50 000 for an MBA (that's more than my current annual salary) and that's even before living expenses.


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