Here's my situation: I have 6 months left in my active duty commitment to the Air Force and I would like to move from the cornfields of Nebraska where I'm stationed to the skyscrapers of lower Manhattan. I know Management Consulting is a completely different arena than International Trading & Markets, but my ultimately goal is to go to B School for International Business and I figure either route will get me there.

In the Air Force I am a contracting specialist and will have 6 years of contracting experience under my belt when my time is up, and my MBA is from Bellevue University (which is definitly not a top MBA school) but I really want to work in int'l finance.

With all this in mind, does my resume reflect all of this? Are there any ways I can improve it? Just looking to get a second pair of eyes on it. Any help anyone can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

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Why did you only list the BS and not the MBA as well?

Financial Modeling


If you are looking to say 1 to 1.95 MILLION dollars in the airforce job description etc. it should be two MM's behind the number not one, M stands for 3 zeros not million. So if thats what you were trying to say I would change that. That is all I saw though. Thank you for your service!


First off, thank you for your service!

I would see what network your BA/MBA offers. That is the most important. If the climb looks tough I would assess all options, maybe even going to get a follow up masters at a different school. Your network is the most important thing, but that is just me.




MIT and some others let you sign up for two MBAs -- you can apply and be blunt and say hey i wasnt getting the options i wanted nor needed


if your MBA is part time and there are no timeline gaps in your resume, you don't have to declare it.


Send me a PM with your email (if the one you put on your resume isn't the one you actually use).

I'm a former active, current guard AF officer, just finished up at a good MBA program and might be able to help you some.


Define int'l finance


Use the veteran network- officers and enlisted, AF and the other four branches. I'm a vet. I went to a non-target, with a sub par GPA, and wasn't even a finance major. Now I'm at a major bank. You can do it, but you have to work for it and get a little lucky too.

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