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Jun 17, 2015

I am familiar. Ask away and I will do my best to answer. I'll also answer the stuff about work/life balance and culture tonight.

Jun 17, 2015

You mean revolving door financial group?

Jun 17, 2015

Ha this guy knows! Regulators gotta get rich somehow...

Work/life balance is pretty decent unless you are on the road, but I'd reckon that for any type of consulting you are reasonably busy while onsite. Working at home when you feel like it is nice.

The firm is getting bigger so the culture is changing. That is, there wasn't really a formal culture since it was really tight knit, everyone generally just wanted to help clients navigate the murky regulatory environment, but we are trying to establish one. The one thing we are trying to keep is the collegial environment. Everyone is really willing to help everyone else, seemingly regardless of the level (I may be lucky and have only interacting with decent people).

I've seen lots of young folks go from Promontory to solid law schools or decent business schools, but without advanced degrees or a ton of experience, doesn't seem likely you will rise too far, but that is generally known.

Personally, I like the work. I was doing risk modeling for a financial institution before joining and it is a lot more varied at Promontory. I don't really know what else to say without just rambling, I'm sure there are some negatives I am forgetting. Again, if there are any additional questions just ask.

Feb 13, 2017