BAH (strat) vs LEK

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Interested to hear all opinions, but particularly from those in the industry. (Boozer, you around?)

Received offers from BAH and LEK and am trying to make a decision. I'm leaning pretty strongly towards LEK based on perceived cultural fit (although to be perfectly honest, "fit" before you've worked at a firm seems very hokey to me). My doubts with LEK are re: work hours / type of work. MC in general is a a pretty time-intensive job, and it seems that LEK people work maybe an three to four more hours per week than at BAH, which would, for me at least, be offset by not having to travel. My other concern is that LEK consultants are expected to be in the number-crunching mold moreso than at BAH, and there are less opportunities to develop "soft" skills. There is also a somewhat smaller concern that the BAH brand is stronger outside of consulting, but LEK should be fine for my aspirations.

Opinions on the merits and de-merits or each firm relative to each other?


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Nov 25, 2007

Which group/office did you receive an offer from for LEK/BAH? Also where did you get the work hour numbers from? My view is that at smaller boutiques they work you a bit harder, little less respecting of your time but obviously there are exceptions.

At the analyst level, at any firm, you will be mostly doing data-crunching, very little soft skill development. That stuff doesn't kick in until 2-3 years post-MBA. The culture is a bit of a moot point because in any top-tier strategy consulting firm you will find smart, motivated people, team players, collaborative, supportive, etc. etc.

In general I would be hesitant about joining a boutique as your first job out of college but LEK is definitely a great firm. Go with where you feel the most comfortable and can see yourself staying for 2-3 years.

Nov 25, 2007

Thanks. Office location is the same city for both, so that's not an issue. Work numbers are guesses from asking about typical work weeks.

Can you explain why you might be hesitant to join a boutique out of college? I can see that logic in industry, but it seems as though the top consulting players all do the same work for the same clients.

Can you tell me a little bit about what types of things you considered when picking BAH? I really don't have any kind of support network in place to help guide me through decisions like this, and again, really appreciate the help.

Nov 25, 2007