Banks sponsoring Int Students-SA 23

Hello monkeys` i know we start this thread almost every so I wanted to get a head start for those of us who want to do targeted networking.

Which banks sponsored/accepted int students for SA 22 and do you all think will also continue for SA 23.

More importantly, What are the banks that will absolutely not sponsor int students? I know Wells Fargo and JPM are two major banks that won't and Hl will if you have STEM extension(maybe?)

help your int brother out monkeys

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  • Intern in IB-M&A
Jun 15, 2021 - 1:04am

I'm at a target, and this is what it looks like for my school. I tried to write every firm I can remember, so I mixed some buy-side and non-IBD. It's for SA 2022 btw.

Definitely Sponsor: GS, BAML, CS, DB, EVR, PJT, MoCo, HL (RX yes, M&A only if you have STEM-OPT), SocGen, Nomura, MTS Partners, Raine, BXKKRPimcoTemasek, D.E.Shaw, Vista, Sanford Bernstein (AB's sell-side arm), Bridgewater, Liontree, Bain Cap (only PE), Two Sigma, CitadelJane Street, P72,Dodge & Cox, WB, JEF, Laz, Fidelity (non ER), AQR, 

Not sure (include firms saying they do, but really don't, and this include case by case): MS, Citi, PWP, RBC, Greenhill, Union Square Advisor, Ducera, Centerview (used to, but did not last year), TD, CIBC, Scotia, Piper Sandler (heard they haven't but said they would take this semester), Cowen

Definite No: JPM, Barclays, UBSPJ SolomonRothschild, Ares, Credit Agricole, Gugg, Wellington Management, Roark, FT PartnersWFBMORaymond JamesStifelMiller Buckfire, MUFG, KeybancOppenheimer, BNP ParibasHSBC, Oakhill, Macquarie, Qatalyst, DBO Partners

  • Intern in IB - Gen
Jun 15, 2021 - 1:47am
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