Best courses for python pertaining to finance?

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Hoping to learn some python, not sure it will be super useful to me in my career but who knows, maybe I'll find something that could be improved with it. Wondering if anybody has any suggestions for online classes (paid/free) to take?

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Nov 10, 2019

I took the MIT course. It is really good and teaches you the fundamentals more rigorously than other courses. However, it is also more difficult. Maybe watch a few YouTube videos to get you started, then do the MIT course and then look for books/courses/videos for finance in the area that interests you. If you don't know yet whether it is derivatives, trading, portfolio management etc. you can start with something more general like the book Python for Finance by Yuxing Yan. It is five years old and doesn't include the newest packages but you can find the free PDF with a Google search.

Also, Analyst 3+ has a good point. Think about what value python has for your job.


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Nov 9, 2019

I know it is long but it is worth it,
Python training course

Also, watch computerphile.

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Nov 10, 2019

Please make sure you are spending your time wisely. I have had many kids tell me that they know Python and C++ and expect me to be amazed. They are floored when they find out that there is no Comp Sci required for banking. Please make sure you are aware of this. Your time may be better spent understanding the technical questions that you may be asked rather than public and private classes in C++.

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Nov 10, 2019

I wish I could SB this more than once. Took the words right out of my head and saved me the effort of expressing them. Thank you.

Nov 10, 2019

Completely understand your point. I pretty much know that I won't have much of a use for it now. Would be nice to automate some processes if possible though, have a lot of free time next few months so thought I'd try to learn a new skill, whether that benefits my career immediately or not who knows. I know I do a lot of repetitive tasks so maybe learning some coding may allow me to automate some.

Also, my theory is in 10 years or so at least some coding will become commonplace for most college students and it might be beneficial to have a little background knowledge of what young analysts are doing back of house so I can speak intelligently to it if that is truly the case.


Nov 11, 2019