Best middle market ER shops

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Hi guys, I haven't found a thread about middle market Er reputations posted within the past 5ish years, so I'd appreciate some updated thoughts. Some background: I'm looking to enter the industry as a summer associate, and I've gotten offers/made strong inroads at a bunch of MM firms. I'm specifically interested in which firms have a well-respected research brand, will give me good exit-ops (specifically relating to the buyside and business school), will still exist in 10 years, and will pay decently well. Based on networking calls/interviews/industry awards, here's my impression of MM rankings. Please let me know where I'm off-base:

  1. Stifel
  2. Jefferies
  3. BMO
  4. Baird
  5. Oppenheimer
  6. Keybanc
  7. Macquarie
  8. Piper
  9. Guggenheim
  10. Suntrust Robinson
  11. William Blair
  12. GAMCO
  13. JMP

Also, to respond to the inevitable criticism that the analyst's rep is all that really matters, basically all these places hire interns as generalists and figure out where to put them permanently later (assuming you do a good job). So, in light of that, what firms would be the safest bet. Thanks!


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Jul 20, 2019