Best path to keep PE and MBB options open

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I'm currently an undergrad student majoring in finance and economics at a non-target school looking to get into either PE or management consulting. I'm still young and can easily change my major or career path and am wondering if there is a way I can build my resume to allow me to keep both career paths open after an MBA or down the line. I'm wondering what certifications, degree changes, or internships I should look at to keep these possibilities open or if it is possible at all.

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Jun 14, 2018

Considering you haven't had work experience yet, I would say it's easier to get into MC than PE straight out of uni so focus on keeping MC options open first, then you can pivot to PE after 2-3 years of MC or an MBA. To keep MC open there has been a lot of talk on this forum; network, apply like crazy, build soft/people skills, learn languages and gain as much 'international' experience as possible. Also, joining consulting clubs and so on helps.

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Jun 14, 2018

I may have a connection to get a PE internship over the summer, should I put time into that or focus on only MC internships until I transfer if I do

Jun 14, 2018

Honestly I don't know much about PE but from reading various posts on WSO and talking to friend who have gone into PE, you reap the most benefits after 2-3 years or MC, IB or general work elsewhere. If you can land a PE internship at a good firm then go for it, but if you dedicate yourself to MC you could get a FT MBB or Tier 2 offer by the time you graduate and from there the step to PE will be pretty straight forward.

Jun 14, 2018