Hey guys, SBs for all helpful responses --

I'm putting together a list of top performing small cap value funds and am looking for names. I know some and have used Google, but many of the best performers are smallish and under the radar, so any suggestions are appreciated. Could be long only, long / short, equity, credit, etc. -- pretty wide open. Am looking for firms that file 13-Fs (with a preference for hedge funds) but others are welcome too. Thanks.

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Walthausen funds does alright so does paradigm capital management.

Hedge Fund Interview Course


Feel free if you want to PM me instead of posting here -- I got several PMs for whatever reason and gave each a SB in another thread.


Region specific or not?


Anywhere in the US


I'm a big fan of Mohnish Pabrai, although he's mostly in large cap financials right now, he has an excellent track record over the last ten years of finding undervalued small caps.

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