Big 4 Audit to Big 4 M&A FDD to...

Hey everyone, first post on the site. I have been reading A LOT of the content on WSO so thank you all for your contributions.

I am currently working at a Big 4 in audit (have CPA). I have been working for 2 years and a couple months and was promoted to Senior. Like many WSOers before me I've realized audit is not my long term career choice. I have recently interviewed for my firm's M&A financial due diligence group, with timing of the transfer being Spring 2018.

1. Thoughts on FDD? I have spoken with multiple people in the group and have some insight on the the day-to-day. Curious to hear if you think it is interesting work, you brought value to clients, or flat out if you enjoyed it.
2. Did you see a salary bump from audit to FDD? I don't need actuals, ranges and/or percentages would be great. Would like to know what to expect.

Now, as M&A FDD is likely my next move, I am curious about the beloved exit opportunities it presents.

  1. What are the most common exit opportunities? I understand this varies, but is IB possible? I realize PE is not without an MBA. Is it common to get your MBA after M&A FDD?
  2. How much do recruiters from PE/IB/HF value M&A FDD experience? From what I've gathered the deal experience helps, just not sure how much.

ANY thoughts on my situation and questions would be extremely helpful.

Thanks, and Trust the Process.

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Oct 13, 2017

I know this isn't exactly what your looking for but check out the last few comments. It could be a path to Corp Dev or Boutiques. Search around though there's definitely some info here on this.

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Sep 5, 2018

Hey, I am also interested in eventually transferring into FDD from Audit. Do you mind if I ask which industry you pursued? Did you work in fs? Also, do you work think working in NY metro area would help me more to internally transfer into FDD one day?

Sep 21, 2018

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