Bloomberg Quant vs. Hedge Fund Back/Middle Office

Hello WSO,

I am interested in your thoughts for two roles: Bloomberg Quant/Sales role and a Hedge Fund Middle/Back Office role both in NY.

Specifically, the HF role is to help build systems (programming) to track middle/back office applications with some potential to assist the firm in risk/quant research.

I would appreciate your thoughts, advice as my long-term career goals are quant/equity research.

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Feb 27, 2019

bump - need your help!

Feb 27, 2019

What exactly would you do at Bloomberg? I know they have an analytics division. But that's more like a help/sales desk.

Feb 27, 2019

it is a 50/50 role between quant research and sales. Essentially, they want their fundamental investment firm clients to adopt quantitative processes into their current investment process. So it would be helping clients with quant research that their interested in, and trying to get them to adopt/purchase the platform for further use. in the long run, it's tech sales with quant research as a backbone.

i'm just not sure if exit opps would lead to quant research within the buy-side or not..

Feb 27, 2019

I see, that's better than I first thought. I looked up "Bloomberg quant" on LinkedIn. The profiles of the people in the NY office look impressive. Would this be your division/team? In that case I wouldn't be too worried about exit ops. You'll probably learn a ton from these people.

I'm a final year student doing internships, so don't put too much weight on what I say. Generally, I would look at two things when choosing between offers: 1. Will I learn what I need for my long-term goal? 2. Will this position/company make my CV more valuable? At Bloomberg, you will get good training and a brand name on your CV. If you already ticked these boxes with previous internships and there are experienced people at the HF from whom you can learn, then I would take the HF position. It's more aligned with your long-term goal.

Feb 27, 2019

Sorry, I just clicked on your profile and saw that you have eight years work experience. I assumed you were a graduate in a similar position as I am.

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Feb 27, 2019

no worries - thanks for sharing!

Feb 27, 2019

It depends. Is the HF role an IT role (i.e. you report eventually to the head of IT)?
How big of a HF? Did you get the impression that it's a collegial atmosphere where you will frequently be interacting with PMs/traders or that you would be heavily boxed into only IT?

Feb 27, 2019