Boston College (Carroll) vs. Indiana (Kelley) vs. Emory Undergrad: Which is better for a future in IB?

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I am currently a high school senior and have narrowed down my options to Boston College (Carroll), Indiana University (Kelley), and Emory. I have seen some other forums like this but wanted to get some advice.

I am pretty sure I want to go into IB after I graduate and am trying to figure out which school will give me the best placement opportunities.

Currently, Indiana is about $20,000 less per year for me than both BC and Emory, and while money isn't the only factor it is definitely part of the decision.

Any advice or suggestions would help, thanks.

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Apr 2, 2019

If IU is cheaper then, to me, it is a no brainer. Kelley consistently places MM and Boutiques, however, BB placements aren't very high.

IU also has the Investment Banking Workshop (if you don't already know) which will almost guarantee you a job in Banking.

If your decision comes down to Boston College or Emory, I'm not entirely sure. I've seen a lot more BC guys in Banking than Emory (at least on LinkedIn and such).

The bottom line is that any of these schools will give you great opportunities for IB. Make sure you also pick a school based on social aspects and whatnot.

Apr 2, 2019

Kelley. All the Chicago bankers seem to be from ND and IU plus a Big Ten school is gonna be more fun than east coast privates.

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Apr 2, 2019

Cant really go wrong with any but for what its worth there are around 450 per class at Goizueta.

Send total of around 40-50 kids to IB which is a pretty good size as only 200-250 kids are "gunning" for it so of you're a top student you'll get a spot.

We send around 30 kids to NYC Ib. To be fair emory doesnt place that well into BB aside from Citi, the rest of the banks are no shows (this is for NYC).

However we are solid school for EB and a target for lazard,pwp,guggenheim we send at leads 1 student to every EB and lazard,pwp takes about 2-3 every year.

Also, our placement has been getting bettwr and probably only gonna get better. That isn't to say we're a target school or anything close to that but def a strong semi-target.

Happy to answer more questions.

Apr 2, 2019
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