Calgary IB any info?

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Hey everyone, I had a couple questions about IB in Calgary and how it compares to Toronto or the States.

1: Which school is the best for breaking into Big 5 IB in Calgary? Ivey is known as the best school for Toronto and the States but is there a better school for Calgary?

2: Is there a comp difference between the pay in Toronto and in Calgary?

3: How different are the hours/lifestyle/culture between Toronto and Calgary?

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Apr 20, 2018

I work for one of the investment banks in Calgary. I went to Ivey/Queens/McGill.

  1. Naturally, the University of Calgary's business school (Haskayne) is the best for Calgary IB. Their students land at every big 5, and some land at Credit Suisse, Barclays, JP Morgan, Goldman, Citi and the energy boutiques. Ivey is also a very good school, they tend to send a few kids to the big 5/Bulge brackets. Aside from these two, Queens/McGill send a few each year as well.
  2. Calgary has historically paid higher than Toronto, but that can be attributed to the volatility of the energy market. When times are good, people do very very well, and with the low COL, pay is definitely a plus.
  3. Heard hours are generally the same as the Toronto counterparts (but I have never worked in Toronto, so I can't confirm). Culture generally very good, lot of the banks let you dress casually when there are no client meetings scheduled.
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Apr 20, 2018

would add that u of a's prime program does very well as does haskayne's CPMT
pay depends on how oil is doing, if it is doing well, then people make a killing
would also add that calgary is more fratty and cowboy like while toronto is more formal. hours are very similar

personally would not choose calgary as it limits your exits to oil and gas

Apr 20, 2018

Which exit ops would someone have in Toronto that someone in Calgary wouldn't have?

Like other jobs such as PE/HF/AM or jobs outside of finance?

Apr 20, 2018