Can a banker from one location refer me for a different location and group?!

I'm about to apply to a BB internship and I have an alum in my network who works for the same bank that I think would be willing to refer me if I hinted at it. But he works in a completely different region of the country and for a specific industry group whereas I'm applying to a generalist program. Is he still able to refer me since it's all under the same company? Sorry if this is obvious but the topic has never been brought up before. If anyone would be kind enough to reply "yes" he can refer me or "no" he can't that would be very helpful, and you'll receive a silver 🍌 . Thank you! 

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Jun 9, 2021 - 7:25pm

Yes your connection can refer you and you'll most likely get a hirevue or phone interview from it but it won't carry as much value as someone from that group in that region referring you. In other words you'll still have to work for it just as much as someone who wasn't referred, you'll just get a light push up.

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