Canadian Big 5 Capital Markets to a Canadian Big 5 Mid Market

Hi Fellow Monkeys,

Wanted to get your opinions on a dilemma:

Currently working for a big 5 canadian bank in an industry group. An ex-coworker from a Canadian big 5's mid-market group (doing deals under $150MM EV) has informed me of an opening.

Im a bit conflicted on what I want to do. The position intrigues me but I do see that it's a risky move and a bit of a one way street. If I leave for mid market, it will be substantially harder to move back:

Pros of staying:
- better pay in the short term and possibly long term
- bigger transaction
- bigger team
- more job and pay stability
- has a few tough personalities that you have to work for

Pros of joining the mid market group
- smaller team with flatter structure
- more responsibility and will be attending more meetings
- better hours
- more entrepreneurial culture
- know some people in the group and they're all decent people

Would like your thoughts.