Career Change Advice - Two Possible Directions

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Hey All! First thread for me here on WSO.

I am currently a Big4 audit manager and have been in the field for about seven years. I have done some soul searching this summer and have finally pulled the trigger on making a career change.

In my current role I have been a part of our emerging growth company practice, which in my area, is really focused on market development and building relationships with start ups and local VCs. Being a part of this has really made me realize that I would love to either be a part of a start up or eventually make it to the investor side and join a VC/PE group.

I currently have two cogs in motion: I initiated a transfer to my firms M&A Transaction Services group, primarily focused on FDD, which I will likely be approved to make the move in the coming months. However, I also have an offer coming from a start up that has recently completed their Series A and is looking to raise a Series B in the coming months.

I'm looking to get your guys perspective on what may be the best move if my ultimate career goals are to move to VC/PE at some point? Obviously moving to M&A will at least give me exposure to the deal environment but running a finance org at an early stage company will give me modeling experience along side operating experience.

I know this comes down to personal preference but would love to hear everyone's opinion!

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Jul 18, 2018

These both sound great, congrats. I'm tempted to say the startup if the conditions are right (awesome team, good comp, etc.) but it's hard to say without tons of detail. Internal mobility at the start-up would be incredibly important. What role is the offer for, sounds like CFO?

Jul 18, 2018
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