Career choice: Business strategy role vs FP&A role in high tech companies after consulting?

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Dear all,

I would like to have your advice on the career prospects of the 2 following job opportunities I have to choose from:

One is a strategy role, mostly about leading internal consulting projects and pushing key initiatives
One is an FP&A role

Both companies are in e-commerce related field; established with strong growth. I am considering the interest of the 2 jobs as well as my fit within the role, the interest of the position and evolution perspective.

I am in Europe, I have an MBA (top 10), with 5 y. pre in VC and energy pre sales role, and post MBA 2 y in consulting MBB.

For me, trade off is between a more strategic, project based role involving many different stakeholders with a large PMO component VS a financial, more quantitative but maybe more repetitive job.

Prospects are also more becoming GM in the long term with the strategy job VS CFO or Senior finance VP with the finance job.

In consulting, I tend to prefer more quantitative jobs rather than project based / transformation cases which led me to consider a finance job, though I have never worked in corporate finance before.

However, opportunities offered by the strategy role seems broader and could give more control on initiatives rather than being more in support of the business. It fits more with a GM path to actually impact the business

Could people who had/have experience in a internal consulting role or FP&A can give their take their day to day jobs and their evolution?

Many thanks!

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