Commercial Credit Analyst @ Credit Union Exit Opps Into Mezz/Distressed/Other Credit Funds

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Just wondering if I could pull on the vast experience within WSO and ask what the transition was like, that is if anyone has done it, into credit related hedge funds from a credit analyst at a mid-sized financial institution. I am a dual citizen working in Canada as a credit analyst for a credit union where credit unions have allot more sway and compete relentlessly with the banks. I have two friends who are credit analysts at RBC and TD who do exactly the same thing as me, just to clear the air on the usual perception of credit union work. How did you land the job? Were you recruited or networked? Did you find the deal length/depth to increase at the fund? I am absolutely fascinated by mezz financing and have my sights set there. Finding these damn funds are proving to be just as difficult as anything else. Thanks a ton for any feedback.

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Jan 11, 2019