Comprehensive List of Resources / Tools On the Job

As the year is wrapping up and y'all hopefully are getting some time to breathe, wanted to compile a list of some of the most useful websites / tools I use in banking. Feel free to comment others that you use and I'll try to update the original post to keep a list going to hopefully make this life slightly better. 

US Company Filings: BamSec. By far the tool I use the most. Great for sourcing specific figures or quotes in Excel. The Similar Tables feature is also a godsend (i.e. select a table that lists out ARR, and you can see the same table in previous filings). Pretty useful search feature as well to go across transcripts + filings. 

Spread screen shot of a data table into Excel (quickly): Grabsheet. This is a new tool that I think came out this year and has saved me so many times on tight deadlines / get the boring work done in the background. Unlike a lot of free PDF to Excel converters out there, this one lets you upload a screen shot of just the table you need (or multiple at the same time) and will put that into a formatted Excel file in ~30 seconds. 

Logos: LogoIntern. First started using this during a summer internship, but this is a great way to quickly put a bunch of logos on a page. The paid version comes with a PPT plugin, and lets you re-order alphabetically and resize things on the page. The logo search is fast and the tool feels really well built.

Voice / Audio Transcription: Otter.AI. Has your associate ever asked you to transcribe a 3+hour audio file that hasn't been transcribed yet by FactSet, CapIQ, or anywhere else on the internet? Otter.AI let's you upload audio files and on the free tier will transcribe up to 40 minutes. It's generally pretty accurate and fast, and is the best I've found so far out there. 

Icons / Pictograms: NounProject. Huge library of icons for almost anything out there. I know there're quite a few sites that are similar, but have personally found this one to be the quickest / has the biggest diversity of icons. 

Formatting Excels on your home setup: Macabacus. If you are ever building out LBO's for some reason on your home laptop under crunch time (maybe sometime during Q3), and don't have access to FactSet plugins or the custom Excel macros your firm pre-installed, Macabacus may just keep you from going completely insane. Probably the most helpful features from this are the formula source tracer, auto-color cells, PPT export graphs / tables, auto number formatter ($, %, 0.0x etc.) 

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