Confused about current Boutique IB internship

hey guys,

I'm a bit confused here about my current Boutique internship. I acquired it through cold emailing, guy said I sound like I have the IB attitude so he gave me an unstructured internship. Being as its unstructured I know that the work load will completely vary week to week. I was told "sometimes 2 hours a week, sometimes 8." The firm for the most part operates completely from home. So i do the tasks from home and send them to the Senior VP. Thing is, I haven't been contacted over the last 2 weeks, to complete any research etc. I am getting a bit worried because last week I emailed them asking if there is anything I can get a head start on and got no answer. As of now I've done comparable analysis' and research on PE firms that the IB is currently working with. I do believe that there is a live deal going on at the moment and that they have no time for dealing with the intern at the moment. My company email is still active, if that's relevant. I have received little to no criticism over my work and made no errors in any of the assignments.

Should I be worried? At what point would you email them again? and when i do, should it be the MD who hired me?

Thanks for your input, I'm a sophomore at a semi target. So you understand the importance to maintain this internship.

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Mar 25, 2014 - 9:34pm

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