Hi all, i am currently looking at the MBA from Cornell. I stumbled across the 1 year program in new york city. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the program.
I am looking at
- the average GMAT
- UG grades
- Background

I am currently working for Deloitte Digital in Montreal Canada.
I would attend the program in 2 years+
I hold a MS in B. Strategy and my undergrad is in finance.


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Dec 30, 2016 - 12:57pm

I got a friend who just graduated from the Cornell Tech program. She told me the GMAT score tends to be in line with Cornell Johnson program. Overall, she doesn't seem too happy with the program due to 1) no internship opportunity (1 year shouldn't be considered an MBA) 2) weak alumni network 3) too expensive for 1 year (>100k).

She is still currently looking for a start-up job in SF and wished that she had gone to the MBA 2 year program rather than the tech program.

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