Corporate Banking ? about skills and where to apply

Hey everyone- I looked around on this site, and others, and haven't been able to find an answer to my question. A little background; I have been working as a credit analyst for a 1B community bank in ND. I really enjoy going to work everyday and would like to stay in credit for my entire career. The problem is they do not pay enough and so I would like to work for a corporate bank as an analyst. I have zero modelling skills but have learned a decent understanding of general lending risk. My question is what size of corporate banks would be attainable for me? Also how much modelling would I have to know to work at a JPM/Wells/City/BoA etc.. If possible I would like to work 60 hrs a week and make 100k a year. Just curious on peoples thoughts on this. Any answers on this question would be much appreciate, thanks.