Corporate Finance vs. Financial Services....

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I will be graduating with a degree in Finance come May. I just got off the phone with a headhunter and he asked me if I preferred Corporate Finance vs. Financial Services and since I have little to no work experience, I wasn't sure which route to take.

He said for the Corporate Finance side of it, since I have no experience the best approach would be to take an Entry Level Staff accountant position dealing with the general ledgers, etc. in order to familiarize myself with the accounting aspect of finance.

He did note that after around 2 years of work experience doing this I realized it wasn't for me, it would be difficult to transition from the Corporate side to the services.

I would like to get involved with Risk Management but I'm not certain the best approach to take regarding this. I wouldn't mind putting in long hours at the office if the pay justifies it and I'm not seeking a 100% percent commission based salary.

Can anyone shine any light as to which way to go about this? Which path will generally yield a more lucrative stable profession?

Thanks in advance for any and all input/advice provided...much obliged.


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Apr 11, 2008