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I saw Creighton's finance program is ranked in the top 15 for undergrad by US and World report (you have to be some sort of member to see outside the top 10 by the way) and it got me thinking, does Creighton have any street cred? The program is up and coming. I read online that they've had some JPM and BlackRock employees as well. Any info you can give would be a great help.

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Aug 5, 2016 - 4:45pm

Heyy there, just saw your post and thought I might help you answer some of your questions for Creighton since I am current a finance student here. Yes. we ranked top 15 and no body really know us, especially all the bb. But I really do think that it depends on individual rather than what kind of school you went to. I am currently work for BOAml IB and interned at couple other big banks before. so I mean, top programs student are tend to have a better chance get in, but it is definitely not impossible for us. (Goldman and some other firms recruit on campus)

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Feb 2, 2018 - 3:39pm

I know this is an old post but just saw it and thought I'd shed some more light on it in case there are any potential Creighton students on here deciding which school to go to pursue finance. I am a current junior at CU and am writing on a burner account for the sake of anonymity.

Creighton is a great school and you will learn a lot but don't get fooled by them marketing themselves as a top brand finance school with these rankings (their website even boasts their connections to banking - spoiler alert, there are none). Nobody on the east coast has heard of Creighton and if your goal is to get into a well known bank i.e. anything above no name boutique, you are at a significant disadvantage to your peers who may be at equal or lesser schools academically wise, but are in a better location. Creighton feeds into big 4 roles and very, I stress very, few IB roles. The fact of the matter is without having great prior experience, some preset network to leverage off of and going HARD reaching out to every alumnus, family member, friend, friend of friend, friend of a friend of a friend (I connected with a guy off him just liking Doug Mcdermott, so get creative) you can possibly find it is near impossible to break in.

Now, the good news is this is slowly changing, we've just recently gotten an investment banking club started to hopefully get the name out there and more banks to look at the school in the future and myself as well as a few seniors have landed jobs at good banks. The network of alumni will grow steadily and I still do encourage any prospective students to give it a chance because you will be well prepared for a career in finance, you'll just have to work much harder to break in than most and I don't want anyone fooled by career center marketing.

If any Creighton students, or general non-target kids out there want any tips feel free to respond and I'll be happy to help.

P.S. About the Goldman recruiting that the last poster mentioned - it was one flyer about middle office roles at their SLC office...don't get your panties in a bunch.

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