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hey all,

I'll critique your CV & Linkedin, and you critique mine.

I'll have to defer Linkedin critique to DM, but here's my sanitized CV below.

My career has a bit of challenge/randomness to it.
Being a non-Chinese working in Asia means that I find myself broadly unable to do the same jobs as locals.
That has meant being in IR rather than deals far more than I'd like, and taking more of the jobs I could get, rather than the jobs that I really wanted.

One of the big mistakes I think I made was to come to Asia, and I'm trying now to make the move back to the US, which is MUCH harder since I'm not actually physically in the US.
That means I need to do a lot more phone networking.


• Deputy CFO of NYSE-listed mobile Internet company's corporate development and investor relations. Grew company through M&A. Interacted with hedge funds and research analysts, growing share price by [] % in 18 months
• Executing venture capital & growth capital investments in healthcare companies in China and US, facilitating tech transfer
• Helped build a top 5 solar PV company, (NASDAQ: [
] , acquired by [] Solar) from startup to IPO
• 10+ years of growth capital experience with 3 of Asia's top firms. Generated solid returns, conducted cross-border deals
• Part of the co re team that built [
] Capital, China's largest private equity firm, with $[*] bn in assets


[currently a co-founder of an accelerator and a venture partner to a smallish fund]

Vice President 2014 – 2018
• Invested in numerous healthcare growth capital opportunities in medical devices in the US, China and Israel
• Executed technology evaluation, company due diligence, financial modeling, and post-investment business development
• Portfolio companies include: [

[] San Francisco
Senior Director, International and Strategic Investments 2013 – 2014
• Executed [
]'s USA strategy, which includes direct investments and M&As into operating companies and platforms that helped to expand [*]'s footprint into the US

[] (NYSE: []) Hong Kong
Director of Corporate Development (effectively deputy-CFO) 2011 – 2012
• Executed a key M&A and key strategic investment. Evaluated companies from technical and financial perspectives, conducted company due diligence, worked with counsel and advisors to structure the deals and complete closing. Integrated the acquired companies and technologies into [*]'s product line and business
• Contributed to a 6x share-price growth in 18 months, through capital markets activities, investor relations and M&A

[bulge bracket investment bank], Investment Banking Hong Kong
Vice President 2009 – 2011
• Oversaw capital introductions. Raised over $[*] bn in capital for alternative investment fund clients

[] Capital ([]'s top private equity firm, with $[] bn in AUM)
Investment Manager 2006 – 2009
• Executed numerous growth capital deals. Conducted company and industry analysis, due diligence, financial modeling
• Seconded to [
] solar photovoltaic portfolio company. Helped build company from startup into a NASDAQ-listed multinational. Opened company's overseas offices, hired country heads. Deal returned >150% IRR and 3x MOIC

[] (well known regional investment bank) Hong Kong
Associate, Management Rotation Program (IBD, equity research, PE) 2005 – 2006
• Rotated through investment banking, equity research, private equity. Executed Asian IPOs. Wrote equity research reports
• Executed acquisition two PE investments in Singapore, valued at >$[
] mn. Fund returned [*]% IRR

[*] (one of Los Angeles' largest real estate investment firms) Los Angeles
Analyst, Real Estate Private Equity 2001 –2003
• Completed $200mn of real estate acquisitions and divestitures. Conducted financial analysis, modeling, due diligence

[*] Inc. (worked for one of Silicon Valley's best-regarded enterprise software startups) Silicon Valley
Analyst 2000 – 2001
• Worked with CEO on special projects, including business development, fund raising of $37mm from top VCs, etc.


• [] , MBA (finance and entrepreneurship concentrations) 5/2005
• [
] , BA with High Honors (top 2% of graduating class; GPA 3.71) 12/1999
Awarded Alumni Leadership Scholar. Named to dean's list & honor roll every semester
• Languages: Mandarin Chinese (business fluent), [] (business fluent), [] (conversational)
• Extra-Curricular: earned blackbelt in [] . Passed blackbelt exam as a team. Taught martial arts at []

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