Damon Sheehy-Guiseppe - The NFL Story of Hustling Into a Position


Just heard about an NFL player that's currently playing in preseason games for the Browns, and it's a story reflective of a lot of the tales told on this forum; it's great to see something many of the applicable principles talked about on this forum in action.

Quick highlights of the story:

  • Didn't get accepted to play for the JuCos that he wanted to, showed up to workouts, not on the rosters, practiced with team until they gave him a shot.
  • Drove to D1 NCAA programs to walk on, brought film to show, didn't get a shot.
  • Drove to NFL teams to network and show film, still didn't get a shot
  • Drove to CFL teams to show tape, took place in a "tryout", was told by teams that they never recruited from open tryouts
  • Played on a flag football team, networked his way into getting the address to a Browns open tryout. Found the name of the VP of player personnel, memorized the guys face , showed up to the invite-only tryout.
  • Sweet-talked his way through the door, networked with VP, got a shot to tryout
  • Making waves as a kick return specialist, Devin Hester-esque, welcome to the show.

Obviously not all of us have NFL level talent, but the sample principles apply to making it to the bigs. Grind your way through an "internship", network your way into the company you want to talk to, show up and get ready to work. A little motivation for ya'll on this Friday.


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Aug 9, 2019