Best NYC neighborhood for single 30M

What's up guys,

What's the top neighborhood for dating in the city as an early-30s guy (so not Brooklyn)? I work in Battery Park, budget is up to 6-7k/month. Looking for a place near top spots for going out, well-connected transportation wise, and clean (so not LES). Where would you live given this situation?

Background, I exited a long-term relationship several months ago and currently live in Williamsburg. I started to get back into the dating scene this year, but comparing it to when I lived in Soho/LES in my mid-late 20s, it seems markedly worse for dating. I thought it wouldn't be that bad given how close it is to the city, and how expensive/hip people say this place is, but that is definitely not true, in my experience. Transportation is a pain, and girls often don't want to visit here.


Based on the WSO Dataset, if you're looking for a neighborhood in NYC that aligns with your criteria—proximity to Battery Park, a budget of $6-7k per month, and a vibrant dating scene—consider the following options:

  1. Battery Park City: Directly adjacent to your workplace, this area is known for its cleanliness and safety. While the nightlife might not be as vibrant as other parts of Manhattan, its proximity to other neighborhoods makes it a convenient option. With your budget, you can afford a luxurious place here.

  2. Tribeca: Just north of Battery Park City, Tribeca offers a more upscale residential environment with plenty of high-end restaurants and bars. It's a well-connected area with a mature and professional demographic, which might be more suitable for your dating preferences as a 30-something.

  3. West Village: Known for its charming streets and vibrant nightlife, the West Village is a bit further from Battery Park but still accessible. It's a hotspot for singles and has a plethora of dining and entertainment options. The area is also well-connected by public transportation.

  4. Chelsea: This neighborhood offers a good mix of nightlife, art, and culture. It's slightly north of West Village and provides a dynamic environment that attracts a diverse crowd, including many young professionals.

Given your budget and preferences, these neighborhoods offer a blend of convenience, quality of life, and social opportunities that should meet your needs as you dive back into the dating scene.

Sources: SA 2021 NYC Housing Thread, Best neighborhoods to live WITH GF in NYC (and timing) - 1st year IB Analyst Midtown Summer 2019, SA 2021 NYC Housing Thread, Why You Should Leave NYC After Your Analyst Stint, Q&A: Middle Market IB Analyst

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WV gets old quick, honestly - especially for someone in their 30s. If you don’t mind every bar and restaurant being super crowded and impossible to get into every week from Thursday to Sunday, then I guess go for it. It’s also probably the most expensive neighborhood to live in in Manhattan rn so your dollar isn’t going very far.

I’d be much more inclined to seek out places like Tribeca, NoHo, Meatpacking, UWS, Gramercy, and Battery Park.


Similar age, I chose LES but don’t mind the grit. You have the budget for a great spot in soho, noho, or nolita if you need cleaner. Also would consider flatiron. Think it’s cyclical but would avoid wv right now. Far too many boring NE 26/27 year old whites. EV my favorite restaurant neighborhood but some judgmental girls know we’re too old to live there unfortunately.

Good luck in your search. I chose LES because I’m trying to bag a sub 5 body count art hoe (mission impossible).


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