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I'm currently a senior at a Non target (Florida State, go Noles!) and I'm starting to worry that I put all my hopes in a route that isn't going to pay off. I didn't really know about/ have an interest in IB until March of this year when the whole Archegos incident went viral, so by then I already accepted an internship for a back office role at Macquarie. I've followed this site since then and was taking advantage of WFH by setting up informational interviews with alumni and others through cold emails. For all the work I've done though the feedback through applications and interviews have me pretty worried (an alumni that I reached out to didn't even get me an interview at a MM and sent me the basic rejection letter, ouch). 

To put more background info on myself without dropping the whole resume, here is some key player stats

  • Finance Major, 3.6 GPA

  • Back office internship at Macquarie over summer, currently interning for a search fund. Also currently work at a bar that I've worked at for 2+ years 
    -Executive board for my Fraternity for 1.5 years. Also helped create our schools Financial Analysis Club and got our school registered for a CFA student scholarship. 

I still have some connections that I'm pulling on like a rope to try and get into an interview room for Raymond James and another Middle Market bank in Tampa  *** top priority is to stay in Florida to stay close to family*** but besides that I have nothing besides blindly applying to places I haven't met. 

Looking for any advice for how I should attack the rest of this fall. Any and all guidance would be appreciated!

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Oct 14, 2021 - 3:22pm

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