Dilemma: IBD London vs. Paris vs. Frankfurt

Hey guys,
I hope that you are doing good.
In September I'll be undertaking a role at a top BB in Frankfurt-am-Main (think GS/MS). This is an off-cycle and I thus have to find another internship after this one (I'm planning on undertaking a MSc after this year in the industry). However, Germany seems a challenge as I do not speak German and most of the good firms (R&Co etc) have German as a pre-requisite.
What firms recruit non-German speakers in Germany? Would an internship in deal or RX at the big four (because they take non-German speakers) would damage my chances to get into PE/IBD?
Or would you advise to just go back to london for an off-cycle (not even sure most banks are proposing)?
Is paris an option? I heard they only recruit people doing their masters.
Thanks !!

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